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Nowadays, it is pretty easy to feel like you've got no SEO presence whatsoever. You spend countless hours carefully following all the proven strategies only to barely generate a small blip on the SEO radar screen.

What's worse is your traffic is showing you little or no market penetration and you're spinning your wheels just about as fast as your profits are going up in smoke.

Still, SEO still seems to be working great for the established GURU's.

If it's not doing the same for you there's a pretty good chance you’re doing something wrong and you need to know what…

If you’re already struggling to use Private Blog Networks you may be suffering from old stale strategies pushed by so-called “Experts” that have done more harm than good... (Don’t worry, we will help you change that… )

If you're not using PBN’s then you need to stop what you are doing and pay attention, we are about to show you the way to easy rankings with minimal hassle and maximum protection for you and your business…


You Shouldn't Be Working Yourself To Death For Little Or No Results.

Panda and Penguin jumped in there and slapped me silly...

I can certainly understand your frustration. I got into this business with the simple goal of turning over a nice steady monthly income. I learned that SEO was a critical factor to ongoing success so I chased it hard. And just when I felt like I had it nailed, Panda and Penguin jumped in there and slapped me silly.

I mean I thought I really had it wired. My traffic was piling up faster than wood chips from a buzz saw and profits were following the same curve. Then Google put the brakes on and threw me headlong out of the car.

All my traffic disappeared virtually overnight and my profits didn't just shrink; they literally disappeared into thin air. I went from prince to pauper just like that and never even got kissed or even a simple, "Thanks for playing."
Such a profoundly unhealthy effect on my sales and profits...
Not one to accept defeat easily, I studied the problem from all sides until I finally pinpointed how and why Google's relentless upgrades had such a profoundly unhealthy effect on my sales and profits. Then I decided it was time to fight back.

I thoroughly investigated the effects of various Google changes over time to understand the trends and the reasoning behind them. Some of the correlations were indeed frightening, but they helped me understand Google's philosophy and pointed the way to the wildly successful strategies I have developed and tested over the past year. Now I have deployed them on everything I do.

I see people struggling with SEO every day, and they're are just not making money online the way they should. So I worked very hard to develop new strategies that help their business models conform to Google guidelines and still pull the massive amount of traffic necessary to ensure a strong steady profit stream.
Then I discovered the Bulletproof PBN Strategy... 
and my business has never been the same since

These new “Bullet Proof” strategies are specifically developed for those who want to make long-term money using smarter SEO by ranking their web sites on the first page of Google in the post apocalyptic Panda/Penguin world. I'm already using them and traffic is flooding into my sites like never before, all INVULNERABLE to Google of course.

Best of all… After all the changes with Google and other search engines, this strategy has become even more powerful!
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My new tried and tested methods are specifically formulated for LONG-TERM growth using the awesome power of BULLET PROOF PRIVATE BLOG NETWORKS.

They can help even the novice SEO user make massive gains in their traffic, rankings and income with almost no increase in effort.

Even better, they have BUILT IN FLEXIBILITY to help weather the storm of ongoing Google changes. While no one can fully account for Google's unpredictable nature, these strategies MAXIMIZE YOUR SEO presence and your PROFITS now and they are designed to remain formidable in the face of ongoing change.

Some users are seeing MASSIVE jumps in their Search Engine Rankings, going from Page 100 to Page 1 in a matter of days…

You can too… and much faster than you think.

Here's Why You Can't Afford To
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Your old SEO TACTICS ARE DEAD! You need to implement a “BULLET PROOF PLAN” now before your competition catches up and passes you by.

Your old SEO is working against you and literally KILLING your ability to generate new and ongoing traffic that is critical to maximizing earnings.

You may have AWESOME content that provides AMAZING VALUE… but knowing nobody’s looking at it will drive you crazy and what's worse, BROKE!

So now you are asking yourself… But what’s the SECRET?
"This New “BulletProof” Method Keeps You Completely Anonymous, and sight unseen by those pesky blog detective bots..." and sight unseen by those pesky blog detective bots..."

Private Blog Networks are nothing new, but up until now people have not been utilizing them correctly. The old stale methods offered in other vulnerable blog network courses no longer apply and could do more harm than good.

This new “BulletProof” method keeps you completely anonymous, sight unseen by those pesky blog detective bots seeking to upset your applecart and steal your rankings from you.

Now you can mask your identity with confidence that the Google dragon won't sniff you out.

You've heard the expression, "Hide in Plain Sight." Well that's how we roll. And we show you how to apply our special new techniques to keep Google out of your business once and for all.

Bulletproof Private Blog Networks Are
The Ultimate Answer.

PBN's That are FULLY Google Immunized and Bot-Proof.

What's more, it even put the Bots to work for you, spreading and boosting your authority across the net.

Once you create your network of invisible blogs they take over and direct Bot-traffic the way you want. Bots don't know who those sites belong to. They only know that they have good content and they are linking to your main site. So they push traffic your way and send your authority soaring. Your network is totally secure from Bot tampering even while the Bots are working for you.

The powerful strategies contained in Bulletproof PBN offer maximum protection for the user and ensure long-term growth and profitability.

Voila! Rapid Front Page Rankings without the Risk…
Visiting Bots grow your traffic for you because they find exactly what they are looking for and react predictably.

Turn the tables and make them do your bidding without knowing it.

We show you exactly how to do it and you won’t believe how simple and effective it can be.

Bulletproof PBNs Are The Front Line
Secret Weapon In The War On Websites.

But you have to be careful how you set them up and how you employ them. Our secret methods turn them into highly effective traffic generators and better yet, profit builders
This happens automatically in the background 24/7! 

Done correctly, it's like printing money; only better because the machine gets smarter and prints faster over time.

What Our Clients Are Saying About
Bulletproof PBN?

Well I guess everyone is going to know now! Folks if I am looking for SEO knowledge Jason is my secret source the only problem is now that he selling his secrets then I guess I am going to have to share. Seriously though if you are looking for no B.S and just shooting straight from the hip EXPERT SEO knowledge then you landed on the right page. Jason has never steered me wrong and always way overdelivered so I suggest you pick this up and apply it to your business FAST before your competition does. Well Done Jason!
Chris Jenkinshttp://onlinesuccesswithchris.com
I've worked with Jason for years. He helped me rank in the top positions for some of the biggest keywords in the world. Jason has also handled all of my video rankings as well. Everybody claims to know SEO, but I know for a fact this guy is the real deal. The SEO strategies he has put together were out of this world. PBN is a hot subject, but it also needs be done properly and with care, Jason is the guy to handle all that for you.
Chad E. Nicelyhttp://chadnicely.com
I was originally hit by the Google updates when the old blog networks were targeted. I lost 50% of all my traffic and since then i employed the services of Jason Suli who helped me remove my Google Penalty, and restored the traffic back to my website. What ever Jason has done, he certainly knows his stuff.
ChrisLocal Business Owner
Jason Suli's SEO marketing strategy helped rank our keywords onto the first page of google. The strategies he uses are the most up to date with the best results. We had used other companies in the past with no real success. I believe in his work and techniques and wouldn't have any hesitation in recommending him..
JenniferLocal Business Owner - Australia
If you want fast and stable SEO rankings, you need PBNs to make that happening, they are the single most powerful SEO tool you can ever have, no software rivals them.Personally myself, I have a network of over 150 PBNs that we use for our personal marketing (not as network agency or renting) so I know with facts that this is a business strategy you can build on.
Precious NgwuVideo Essence
SEO for sure is not an easy task any more. Actually I thought it was dead like the walking dead.lol All jokes aside guess who's back. Jason is no joke when it comes to SEO bringing traffic and the sites I have back to life. 300% back from the grave cha ching.. Jason's strategies have changed the way people thought when they hear SEO. And helped me achieve higher rankings. Thanks Jason your Awesome ..
James Orr
PBN's are the fastest way to secure consistent rankings and hence more increase in traffic to your websites helping you generate more leads as well
Karthik Ramani

Powerful New Techniques That Create Continuous

that loves your site and is fully Google proof.


To be perfectly honest, we all know that Traffic building is the HARDEST task in Internet Marketing. Even the hardest working people struggle to boost their traffic and maintain steady profits from their sites…

When your site is STAGNANT and your old content is DEAD IN THE WATER, SO ARE YOU!

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 Can BulletProof PBN Really Do All That?

YES and more. We cover strategies and methods to apply with comprehensive online Video Tutorials that show you what to do and how to do it. We give you the exact methods to effectively rank any web site in the post Panda/Penguin environment and show you how to immunize your sites to further Google intrusions.
While we can't guarantee that Google will never come up with a new algorithm that smacks you again, we have made every effort to make these techniques flexible, adaptive and best of all Google Compliant so Google never sees you or your sites as a problem. Bulletproof PBN's special techniques and strategies are Battle Tested and Front Line Approved in the War on Stagnant Traffic. They are fully proven to boost rankings and catapult your SEO to the Top Level.

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Now there's a NEW WAY to fast-track your traffic generation and recovery and reinvest your good content by creating new traffic and increasing your conversions starting RIGHT NOW…

We recently recovered a site that was smacked hard with a manual penalty. By applying our carefully developed strategies we recovered its rankings and traffic and then improved them. Take a look at the results on the accompanying analysis.

The key is not just having your own PBN but also GREAT CONTENT, how you present it and how Google's pesky bots judge its relavance and value. So you're clearly preparing content for two different audiences and the way you merge it and deliver it makes a dramatic difference in your online presence and your ultimate profitability.

Content must appear FRESH in the eyes of the search engines and potential visitors or it won't be earning you money and attracting new traffic EVERY DAY…

When You Have A Bullet Proof PBN Setup
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Dramatically increased traffic
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This is a VERY POWERFUL System… Proven to generate MASSIVE amounts of profitable traffic …

I have tested it repeatedly across all my sites and it is truly COMBAT-READY… It has turned my traffic and ranking authority into a mountain of PURE PROFIT and created legions of repeat customers.

You can't predict what new schemes the search engines will apply next, but you can SHIELD YOURSELF with a powerful battle plan like Bulletproof PBN. Now you can freely supercharge your traffic boosting efforts and free yourself from the ongoing search engine tampering that tries to CRUSH every new thing you do.…

Building traffic is a MAJOR PAIN! And we know how much everyone struggles with it.

Bulletproof PBN makes it as EASY as possible for you with ALL THE RIGHT TOOLS and IN-DEPTH TRAINING in one easy to use marketing package… I'm very proud of the performance this system achieves AND the LONG TERM SECURITY and PEACE OF MIND it offers for marketers who are long weary of fighting the Google armies.
So here's the hard fact of what you've been dealing with up until now. What you've been doing just isn't working. Your rankings are dismal, your authority has faded and your profits have tanked. Sound about right?

You know it's possible to do much, much better because you see others doing it. And you know that you could see way more profit from your site “IF” you could only attract more laser-targeted traffic… You just need the right tools and strategies to make it work.

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